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      Our Waiting Room
For those of you unfamiliar with our Waiting Room and how it works, the babies you see offered here are offered to the new parents who have specified colour and gender. Please let us know if you are open to other options should your colour and gender not be present in the current litter.  New Parents can 'accept' or choose to wait for another kitten at any time. Sometimes circumstances prevent a person from taking their kitten at the time they thought they would be able to. You are never under any obligation to take your baby from a current litter and may choose to wait for the next, or an upcoming set of kids that either suits what you are looking for in a colour or gender, or, a time that fits your schedule. You never lose your place in the line. If you are at the top of the list     and choose to wait, or your baby is not present in this current litter, you will be at the top of the list for upcoming litters that have the baby you are dreaming of. Joining our Waiting Room insures that you guaranteed the kitten that you 'want' rather than just picking a kitten from those that are available.
Unlike other catteries who pressure you into taking the 'first available'
@ Bare Naked Babies you have a full two years from date of deposit to choose your baby.
A $500.00 non -refundable partial payment is required to join the Waiting Room.
Our Parents in Waiting:
Brooklyn L                                                                                                    open girl
DC BC...                                                     
Katerina G.                                                                                 2 blue/black open gendersp


X.Tresen   OPEN                                                                                               2 - baby boy baby girl


BC.                                                                                                              open to colour
Tricia M.                                                                                                   Baby boy open colour sp
Simone F.                                                                                                      Baby Blue girl
MHat AB(hold)   
Chris W.                                                                                                           open male
Fort St John BC.
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