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About Us....

reach us at:  403 630 6269


"Bare Naked Babies"   We believe strongly that calm, happy mama's make for the best temperaments and health in kittens and that environment plays an extremely important role in the babies' development.  You can be sure that your baby will have the all the love, all the care and attention possible for he or she to be an absolute 'joy' when they join your family!

The PlayRoom!!!

Here in the PlayRoom;


Our Kings, Queens and older babies can play as a group and socialize for the sheer fun of it.  We are fortunate enough to have a very large home which enables us to dedicate a third of it, nearly 2000 square feet for our Queens, Kings & kids! Each mama and her precious newborns have their own 'nursery' for the first 6 wks of the babies' lives.  This insures the health and security of the babies until they are big enough to socialize with the other members of our Cattery.  The Babies once old enough for the Playroom play together with their mamas for ultimate safety while we supervise.  We are a 'closed' Cattery which means that no unauthorized person (who may have innocently enjoyed their day petting and holding many different cats and kittens from cattery to cattery, including Shelters where feral cats are cared for) is allowed to visit and hold your baby. Pathogens are brought in on feet, hands & clothing and we can not accept that risk.The health and well being of your precious baby that you have reserved is held in highest priority.  We offer continuous pictures, video & references and we are always happy to speak with you.

 We believe our Protocol is the reason that we have such robustly healthy adults and babies and we are extremely proud of the babies that are born here at Bare Naked Babies!

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