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     Available Babies

Please call for details! 403 630 6269

Please let us know if you would like to Reserve one of our
beautiful babies! 
As our Health and Temperament is
unsurpassed we always have a Parents Waiting Room 'List'.  Our Waiting Room does not follow Order of the Reservation but by the Colour and Gender  you have selected.  In this way you receive the baby of your dreams instead of just what is available and even though by appearance, you may look to be at the bottom of the Waiting Room List, you may receive your precious baby first.  Parents are asked to specify which colours and gender that you would love to have in order of preference.  When babies are born of that colour or gender you are offered the opportunity to adopt or to wait for the next set of kids!  You never lose your place in line, you just keep moving up to the top as babies go home to their new families.  As you move up the list your choices increase when several babies fitting your preferences are born.  We want you to have 'exactly' what you are wishing for and our program insures this!
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